Kāpiti Island

I’m usually taking photos of Kāpiti Island, this time was lucky enough to spend a night.


Foreshore Kāpiti Island

Kapiti-KakaMS copy

Kāpiti has been a nature reserve/bird sanctuary since the 1890’s. The Kākā is one of our native parrots. Clever and a bit too friendly

Kapiti-kaka-1 briar & Kaka 1 kapiti-mai-k-k- Kapiti-view
Facing west

Kapiti-ninja Kapiti-whanau-1 Kapiti-whanau-2 Kapiti-whanau Kapiti-Lawrence Kapiti-T-kah-The Tākahē. Weird and one of the rarest birds.


The korimako (bellbird).

At night we went kiwi spotting. There is 1400 on this island so the breeding programme is working well, lol.

Manaaki one of our hosts seeing us off. Amazing host and a place to stay….


Another great holiday

We traveled our usual migration this year, up the East Coast then on to Northland. Love it. Some images from Tuparoa.

Old St Mary’s church, and although my grandmother is buried here I have actualy never been inside. Nor had my father who was born and bred here. I guess an interesting fact is all religions (except Anglican) were banned here on the Coast. So I’m proud to say that we weren’t….


About 70 of us traveled to Tuparoa, the most I can remember at one time. It was amazing, especially for (my parents) grandchildren and great grandchildren who have never been there.


The kāuta (cooking/dinning area) was too small to feed us all so we went in to the wharenui (traditional meeting house). A lot of people would freak out about that. But nah, not us.

image + word + music = film


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