Heading to Toronto and Hawaii film fests

So awesome to be heading to Toronto today. My film The Pa Boys is screening at ImagineNATIVE film festival and then at the Hawaiian International Film Festival. It’s such an honour. I’ve just checked the weather, as you do before travel. Toronto is 10C and Hawaii is 28C. So what to pack, lol. Should be a lot of fun…..you can check out the festival programmes here



Construction = Destruction

Soon to be destroyed to make way for a motorway. To me, progress would mean not destroying natural environments, ancestral land and archaeological sites for a new highway. There were other options but no. The powers that be still see Maori land as exploitable, because to them it’s just sitting there doing nothing. Well it actually is doing something. It is preserving the land, flora and fauna and our people who lived and died on this land. Believe it or not, some people still hold things as sacred. The dead, the environment and the history of place are all sacred.

Reflect1 Reflect2 reflect3 reflection reflectred


The lightning and thunder was pretty spectacular last night. The warm  North  clashing with the cold  South .

whaitiri-uaThe front moving over Kapiti Island.


whaitiriThunder clouds.


whaitiri-darkskyThen everything goes dark.

The southerly always wins.