Maui’s rope

It was Maui who captured the sun, making him travel more slowly across the sky. With friends and magic rope, woven out of haraekeke Maui waited for the sun to rise. They then threw Maui’s ropes over the sun and held on for dear life. Maui’s magic was so strong that rope did not burn. The sun struggled and fought but soon tired and gave in. He promised to travel more slowly across the sky to give people and land more time in the day.

Good Friday Moon

Up early on Friday morning and caught the moon just as it set. I had my video camera with me too and while shooting the sun hitting waves and all these other wonderful things I spotted someone on a surf kayak. Turned out to be one of the locals setting a long line. So I videoed him winding in and setting his line. It turns out to be a great little doco. Not fantastic quality but a ‘fly on the wall recorded observation’ type thing. I really don’t know who would watch it or think it is interesting. But hell. I do. I’m going to post some video from our gig last week. Not sure if I can here but I have a youtube account that I hardly use. Which I should, more often with more really uninteresting, non-funded not for profit videos.

When people say things like a ‘no budget’ or ‘low budget’ or ‘not for profit’ production what they’re actually saying is ‘I make crap that no one gives a shit about, let alone funds’.

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