Washington DC

Traveling halfway across the globe today. Well it’s not halfway but 19 hours flying time with 5 hours of terminal time it may as well be.
‘Terminal’ time is an apt word. If I survive it’ll be like some sort of purgatory, then there is ‘the lag’ to deal with. But so what, you pay for everything you do, or someone or something pays for everything you we do.
To attend an amazing film festival I have to pay with energy, time away from family, inconvenience of paranoia and over the top security measures, money, which there is never enough of, eating crap food. But all of these don’t measure up to what I’ll get out of it. Otherwise I wouldn’t go.
And what I’m doing there is for the best reasons.

Tolaga Bay Wharf

Spent some time up in Tolaga Bay last week. Awesome place. Perfect for trying out my hipstamatic app for the phone. Took a lot of video too, may post some here if I can get the file size down without losing too much quality. Also, imported my post from ‘blogger’. Just didn’t like the way Google owns your words if blog with them. No one owns anyone else’ words….

The wharf taken from the cliff tops


I’m heading over to DC next week. 20hours on a plane is the worst part of the deal. And that isn’t too bad because I’ll have a flash hotel to stay, will be well looked after and the All Roads Film Festival has an amazing line up.
Not going to have much money or time to tiki tour about anywhere else in the US but I’ll have my camera, an open mind and good attitude.
Can’t wait.


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