On the Road

Have traveled a lot this year already. Here and abroad. Hawaii was amazing and is worth a separate blog. Then I went to Whakatane and Tauranga.  In Northland I stayed in Ahipara and in recent weeks had an amazing trip up to Tairua in the Coromandel.
Really lucky with my job and it does sound glamorous to my colleagues but staying away from home is quite hard for me. And work and travel always takes it out of you. But I do enjoy it.

And I love driving around our country, it is spectacular to say the least. A photographers paradise.

On the way to Coromandel we passed a guy who looked like he could need help but was real half-arsed in flagging us down or anything. I was driving, we came a round a blind corner and he was standing by his car which looked like it was oddly parked on the side of the road. I slowed and turned around. He did need help. He had bellied his high performance car on the verge and jammed it up against a no.8 wire fence. It was right on dark and we couldn’t leave. After an hour of trying to get his car out we drove to a farm house. He was keen to help and had a tractor.

We were still 3 hours from our destination, which was some way North of Tairua. The driveway, which seems to be a k long or more goes through bush, much of it reserve land run by DoC. It is amazing and I heard Kiwi calling in the middle of the night.

Then I woke up to this


Was going to head to the bach in Northland for the Easter break. But plans have been changed. Damn! Got the car it’s WoF and the cam belt done. 1k later and we’re not hitting the road. Was really looking forward to it. Anyway it’s my last day at work for a week.. It’s pretty awesome in the city at the moment. Autumn creates a beautiful light. The air is a little colder, brisk and people are starting to wrap up.
Winter can be kind of depressing for a lot of people. I like it. Our weather is so volatile that it’s predictable. The horizontal rain is tiresome. And I have holes in my shoes. Anyway been walking around town taking pics and hanging out and breathing in fresh air.

5 days since the wicked weed. I taste freedom. It’s on the tip of my tongue.

Film set

Have been working on a short film this past week. My main task as the stills photographer but of course, with small budget films made by your friends you end doing a lot more.
The film is called ‘Mops’ shot on location in Paekakariki. Took this shot as we were filming the last scenes of the day.

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