I made a short video of my trip to Hawai’i earlier this year.
I attended the inaugural Deep Waters Film Festival organised by PIC and UH.
I didn’t get out to the beaches, was much luckier than that. I got to spend my whole time there with locals (Tangata Whenua) enjoying their philosophies, politics and true histories of the Islands. A lot of laughs too. They really know how to look after their guests.
The links between our people are unbreakable.
The live music is by a band called Kupa’aina who were playing at a local ‘ava (kava) cafe. Mellow and awesome. Hope they don’t mind the quality of the sound and video which was recorded on my phone….some of the stills on my SLR. Enjoy and share


There has been thunder, lightning, storm force wind, rain , hail and raging tides for 6 days now. Last Sunday a tornado and warnings all week for more. I can’t remember it ever being like this before. Sure bad weather for a week is common but warnings every day? We had a water spout a couple of years ago which was spectacular.
On Sunday during a break from the rain we hit the beach. Amazing! I shot some video that I’ll post, once I’m on my computer. But this pic is of the sea foam the rough weather churns out.

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