NZ Fur Seal pup

There have been a lot of fur seal pups washed up on the beach. It is the time of year that the mum’s kick them out of the, um, pool? A lot don’t survive. This one looked pretty exhausted but when I retiurned it had made it’s way halfway back to the ocean.

The other pup (which may be an NZ sea lion) is very healthy and I don’t think it will have any problems. He didn’t mind me, but was really wary of Storm my dog, who didn’t want to harass at all, just play.

Giant Petrel

I found this Giant Petrel (Pāngurunguru) on my run the other morning. It must have been exhausted or sick. My dog walk right up to it and sniffed. He didn’t move. They are quite rare birds in the sense that you don’t see them. I’ve never seen one. They are from Antartica and are huge, the same size as the Wandering Albotross. I didn’t want to get too close so took a rather shaking photo with my phone. I also rang Nga Manu (bird santuary) and the SPCA, both said they too under staffed to help. I looked this bird up in the Seabirds of NZ book. They had bad reputations amongst the Pakeha (European) settlers and were really useful and respected amongst Maori of the time. Hmm, typical (-:

Storm Chasing

I know what the Oyster Catchers are thinking when we walk up the beach. Oh no, it’s him again. I usually manage Storm but sometimes I just don’t see them in time. They don’t get too bothered, just lift off, fly a few metres then land again.

Took these well after sunset, and I was going to ‘lighten’ them. But why? They are what they are.

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