A Sperm whale washed up on the beach over night. Pretty sad but even to my untrained eye I could tell it was an old whale and probably didn’t get stranded. It died then washed ashore. So not as distressing as the last time when 3 Sperm whales stranded and died over the following few days. That was traumatic.





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The kids were more brave than their parents.



I’ve added a new gallery of my travels. Images from Poland and Italy so far. I still have to add Amsterdam, Hawaii, DC and London. I’ve also blogged about my Travel to Europe┬ábut sometime, maybe while transferring my site to WordPress I have lost the records of travel in these other ┬áplaces. Searching…

Beer delivery
Beer delivery

This dog was carrying a can of beer for his elderly owner.

Passing by
Passing by

Loved ‘discovering’ the side streets of Venice. Yep, that means I was lost. But as chilled out as this guy.

San Marco
San Marco

Really loved San marco, Venice. Even at midnight it was busy, warm with live music.


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