Pick ups

I flew to Ak to shoot some pick ups for the film and noticed the propeller made this cool effect through the iPhone lens. It worked on video too.

One of the caravans at Anawhata where we shot the scenes.

It’s such a beautiful place on a cliff between Piha and Whites beach. Amazing and I could live there even though it is still counted as Auckland haha.
Only one more week of editing (-;


Have made several trips over the hill to Waiarapa lately. The area is famous for it’s wine but also it’s wild coast, fishing, surf, seafood, camping and seals. This white sea elephant (female) was as tucked away as she could get. She was enormous.
And the fur seals never let you get too close, theres an invisible line that I was just about to cross.
The hills and light is amazing here. We had to walk the last part because the road had washed out in the last mega-storm and then collapsed in the earthquakes. Yeah it’s been all action here in Aoteroa.

Wairarapa Coast

Ngawi is the fishing town. The beach is so wild they need tractors, trucks to launch the boats.

I’m guessing no one reads the signs here (-:

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