New venture

Have hooked up with a friend Mick Finn from Science Films New Zealand and started Mai Kapiti our own video production company. Looking to promote local business, companies and people with great, high quality visual narratives, in other words we want to make films. We have a drone for aerials, 4k cameras and a lot of creative steam to release. Now for selling us, and promoting us. Not something I’m skilled at. Our site is here (-:

stars, planets

We’ve been blessed with Venus and Jupiter hanging out in skies lately but the great shot eluded me. It wasn’t just the full moon (too much light), cloud and wind that stopped me making the best shot I could. It was my own personal timing (getting to the beach too late) and lack of experience in astromophotogrpahy (no such word?). It’s my first real attempt at making photographs of the night sky. Like all things photography, it takes patience, experience and bit of luck. And it’s always fun trying.

Now I’m hooked.


Jupiter passing underneath Venus.


Early morning outside my house.

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