Some images from our camping holiday

I think everyone needs to go camping, unplug, be social in a real world

The walk…


Tha bach (cottage, crib) has no electricity or cell signal and no road access. So you either go by boat or walk in at low tide.


The view from my tent #camping

Ōmanu, Northland

Miri fishingMiri fishing off the Pohutukawa tree

tamureSnapper for breakfast. Miri didn’t catch this BTW

MAi,pipisMaire cooking her pipi and oysters.


Cooking bread.

ParaoaThe final result. Real delicious, especially the crust



On the first day of shooting the film The Strength of Water this car came driving along the road. I thought it was a prop or part of the movie. But no, it was a local on his way to go fishing haha. Note the exhaust pipe attached directly to the motor. So water doesn’t get in and choke the car. But it can pour in everywhere else, lol.

Morning in Taranaki


Len Lye wind wand
waiting for coffee

Petit Paris vespa with Sea Shepard sticker

the clock tower has had a spruce up


I made a short video of my trip to Hawai’i earlier this year.
I attended the inaugural Deep Waters Film Festival organised by PIC and UH.
I didn’t get out to the beaches, was much luckier than that. I got to spend my whole time there with locals (Tangata Whenua) enjoying their philosophies, politics and true histories of the Islands. A lot of laughs too. They really know how to look after their guests.
The links between our people are unbreakable.
The live music is by a band called Kupa’aina who were playing at a local ‘ava (kava) cafe. Mellow and awesome. Hope they don’t mind the quality of the sound and video which was recorded on my phone….some of the stills on my SLR. Enjoy and share

On the Road

Have traveled a lot this year already. Here and abroad. Hawaii was amazing and is worth a separate blog. Then I went to Whakatane and Tauranga.  In Northland I stayed in Ahipara and in recent weeks had an amazing trip up to Tairua in the Coromandel.
Really lucky with my job and it does sound glamorous to my colleagues but staying away from home is quite hard for me. And work and travel always takes it out of you. But I do enjoy it.

And I love driving around our country, it is spectacular to say the least. A photographers paradise.

On the way to Coromandel we passed a guy who looked like he could need help but was real half-arsed in flagging us down or anything. I was driving, we came a round a blind corner and he was standing by his car which looked like it was oddly parked on the side of the road. I slowed and turned around. He did need help. He had bellied his high performance car on the verge and jammed it up against a no.8 wire fence. It was right on dark and we couldn’t leave. After an hour of trying to get his car out we drove to a farm house. He was keen to help and had a tractor.

We were still 3 hours from our destination, which was some way North of Tairua. The driveway, which seems to be a k long or more goes through bush, much of it reserve land run by DoC. It is amazing and I heard Kiwi calling in the middle of the night.

Then I woke up to this

Down North

Am in Ahipara, a small Northland beachfront community. Amazing and beautiful place. Warm, although we haven’t seen the sun. Could easily live here.

Heading to Kerikeri to fly home tonight but have the day free. Was thinking of driving to Te Reinga (image) but it is a long way to go to not see much. The cloud is so low that we’ll be lucky to even fly out. The flight here was cancelled on Friday.
Anyways, food is first on the list. Then figure what to do for the rest of the day….

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