Some images from our camping holiday

I think everyone needs to go camping, unplug, be social in a real world

The walk…


Tha bach (cottage, crib) has no electricity or cell signal and no road access. So you either go by boat or walk in at low tide.


The view from my tent #camping

Petone Wharf at sunset

A ring around the sun





Calm before cyclone

Cyclone Lusi heading down from tropics. Great sunset.



NZ Fur Seal pup

There have been a lot of fur seal pups washed up on the beach. It is the time of year that the mum’s kick them out of the, um, pool? A lot don’t survive. This one looked pretty exhausted but when I retiurned it had made it’s way halfway back to the ocean.

The other pup (which may be an NZ sea lion) is very healthy and I don’t think it will have any problems. He didn’t mind me, but was really wary of Storm my dog, who didn’t want to harass at all, just play.


We’ve been smothered by cloud.

Drifting in on the waves

dampening humid days

Darkening driftwood

Silvering sand


Morning in Taranaki


Len Lye wind wand
waiting for coffee

Petit Paris vespa with Sea Shepard sticker

the clock tower has had a spruce up