Some images from our camping holiday

I think everyone needs to go camping, unplug, be social in a real world

The walk…


Tha bach (cottage, crib) has no electricity or cell signal and no road access. So you either go by boat or walk in at low tide.


The view from my tent #camping

Ōmanu, Northland

Miri fishingMiri fishing off the Pohutukawa tree

tamureSnapper for breakfast. Miri didn’t catch this BTW

MAi,pipisMaire cooking her pipi and oysters.


Cooking bread.

ParaoaThe final result. Real delicious, especially the crust

Another great holiday

We traveled our usual migration this year, up the East Coast then on to Northland. Love it. Some images from Tuparoa.

Old St Mary’s church, and although my grandmother is buried here I have actualy never been inside. Nor had my father who was born and bred here. I guess an interesting fact is all religions (except Anglican) were banned here on the Coast. So I’m proud to say that we weren’t….


About 70 of us traveled to Tuparoa, the most I can remember at one time. It was amazing, especially for the moko and great grandchildren who have never been there.


The kāuta was too small to feed us all so we went in to the wharenui. Some would freak out about that. Yeah, nah.



Was really lucky  this week. The final shots for the movie The Pā Boys involved filming a Kaahu, a beautiful bird that you don’t get much chance of seeing up close. Found that out as we chased several around the Bay of Plenty and East Coast landscape without much luck. They are common (as opposed to many of our bird life) so no danger of becoming endangered. In fact they are one of the birds that thrived after all those mice, rats and other rodents colonised our country (-:









A Sperm whale washed up on the beach over night. Pretty sad but even to my untrained eye I could tell it was an old whale and probably didn’t get stranded. It died then washed ashore. So not as distressing as the last time when 3 Sperm whales stranded and died over the following few days. That was traumatic.





tohora4 copy

The kids were more brave than their parents.



NZ Fur Seal pup

There have been a lot of fur seal pups washed up on the beach. It is the time of year that the mum’s kick them out of the, um, pool? A lot don’t survive. This one looked pretty exhausted but when I retiurned it had made it’s way halfway back to the ocean.

The other pup (which may be an NZ sea lion) is very healthy and I don’t think it will have any problems. He didn’t mind me, but was really wary of Storm my dog, who didn’t want to harass at all, just play.

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